We all saw what happened

Millions of people suffered from the catastrophic effects of extreme disasters heightened by climate change. We witnessed the human cost of its degradation: hunger, displacement, unemployment, illness, and deaths.

Who is responsible for all of that?

Extreme Weather Events

Heat Stress

Bad Air Quality

Water Quality & Quantity

Food Security & Safety

Vector Distribution & Ecology

Health Risk

According to IPCC

Currently, we release about 34 billion tonnes of CO2 every year into the atmosphere along with other gases like



Nitrous Oxide

Fluorinated Gases

Warming Potential greater than CO2

28 Times

265 Times

151-23,900 Times

To control carbon emissions on an individual level

We developed Green IT, an app that allows you to track your carbon footprint in the most effective way possible. Also, Reduce it by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle such as planting trees, cycling & walking, conserving energy at home, and recycling products & waste.

Some Prominent Features of Green IT

How it works

How we make a difference

Climate change is caused by human activity, and we are all responsible for that. To become more aware of our carbon emissions, Footprint calculators are made.

It helps us to become more aware of how our actions impact the environment and enable us to make more conscious decisions. Little by little, these small actions on individual levels will save our planet from huge environmental damage.

Let’s Save the Planet Together!

Thank You!